About me

I have personal experience of therapy beginning in my late teens. I know how difficult it can feel to reach out for help and support, to be vulnerable talking about what feels troubling. And I know how much things can change when we take that risk and open ourselves up to someone.

Prior to starting training as a counsellor, I worked in a variety of settings including education and research. I have experience of supporting people with mental health difficulties, survivors of abuse and neglect, those who are estranged from family members, and people who identify as neurodivergent.

I have undertaken research work into mental health and wellbeing, family estrangement, and autism. Note that my research work aligns with the social model of disability (recognising that people are disabled by barriers in society that can exclude or discriminate against them). I view autism and related conditions as a form of neurodivergence rather than taking a deficits-focused approach.